Emerging Leader Transition 3: From Allocating Time for Work To Allocating Time for Others

AS AN EMERGING LEADER, you’re used to allocating most of your time to getting your work done. Sure, you have meetings and so forth, but most emerging leaders are used to having some control over their time. Effective leaders know that the primary work of leaders includes building and maintaining strong, high-quality relationships with and among individuals and teams.

As a first-time leader, you must learn to prioritize your team’s needs over your own.

Some of the challenges I see with emerging leaders allocating time for others:

-Mindset that your tasks are the priority, rather than others.

-Switching gears quickly when others need your attention.

-Listening and asking good questions when it would be ‘more efficient’ to just ‘tell them what to do.’

-Finding ways to build authentic connections in a virtual setting.

The video shares additional examples, along with suggestions for how emerging leaders can begin to understand the different time demands of leadership, and how those who develop emerging leaders can support their success.

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