Emerging Leader Transition 2: From Doing the Work to Delegating the Work

AS AN EMERGING LEADER, you’re versed in doing the work versus delegating the work. In fact, delegating effectively is one of the core challenges that leaders have at all levels of leadership. There are many reasons why leaders do not delegate.

Delegating requires you to give up the control you’re used to not only about what gets done, but also how it gets done. This change is no small ask of most people–in fact it challenges even many seasoned executives!

Some of the challenges I see with emerging leaders learning to delegate:

-Mindset that delegation is telling others what to do.

-Worrying about what others (like former peers) think about being delegated work.

-Resisting the urge to do the work itself.

-Developing others so that they can be delegated to.

-Using delegation as a method of developing others.

The video shares additional examples, along with suggestions for how emerging leaders can effectively delegate, and how those who develop emerging leaders can support their success.

Short video for #emergingleaders to learn to delegate.

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