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Emerging Leader Transition 6: From Developing Yourself To Developing Others

emerging leaderS spend very little time thinking about how they might coach or otherwise support the growth of their peers. (That is not to say they might wish at times that peer-performance would improve!) Hopefully, though, they do spend time and effort developing themselves.

First-time leaders are challenged to learn not only how to be productive with and through others and develop themselves for this dramatically different role, but also to focus on coaching and developing others.

The best leaders effectively balance holding others accountable for productivity today with supporting employee growth and development.

It’s no secret that the key to high performing teams begins with having high performers to start with. How do you do that? Be the kind of leader that high performers want to work with.

High performers want to work with leaders who give good feedback, drive accountability, AND invest time and effort in their growth.

In fact, one of the reasons I developed the Aspiring Leader Coaching Series: Launch Your Leadership CareerĀ® is to empower emerging leaders with strategies and tools to be just that kind of leader.

The video shares insights on this transition and suggestions for emerging leaders to develop the mindsets and tools to coach & develop others.

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