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Emerging Leader Transition 5: From Being Accountable To Holding Others Accountable

emerging leaderS, usually don’t spend much time thinking about others’ performance, unless it negatively impacts their own. As an individual contributor it’s generally enough to focus on your work and be accountable for your performance (while being helpful to others along the way, of course!).

Leading people requires new leaders to wrap their heart and minds around some challenging realities and a new set of values: they are judged by others’ performance not just their own, being kind often means giving difficult critical feedback, they need to give credit to the team for success and accept responsibility for failure.

And that’s just the start!

The best leaders effectively balance the yin and yang of building and maintaining relationships with holding others accountable and giving critical feedback.

Holding others accountable is a difference maker in your leadership career, and is the #1 issue for most of the executive leaders that I coach. Many leaders rise to a certain level of leadership with yin, but inevitably, the imbalance–lack of driving accountability–catches up to them.

In fact, one of the reasons I developed the Aspiring Leader Coaching Series: Launch Your Leadership CareerĀ® is to support the development of this yin & yang with emerging leaders at the beginning of their leadership career, rather than putting it off–in many cases–for decades.

The video shares insights on this transition and suggestions for developing the right mindset and skills to give critical feedback and drive accountability.

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