Contact and Current Projects

All of my client work extends from 25 years of experience and my own original research (and others’ research!) regarding leadership, organizational culture, fit, and change. As a highly experienced I/O Psychologist, I support my clients’ success with both the art and science of leadership.

Emerging and First-Time Manager Development

Over the past several years, I have hyper-focused my extensive C-Suite and senior leadership development experience and expertise to the needs of emerging and first-time managers. The Aspiring Leader Coaching Series: Launch Your Leadership Career expedites emerging and first-time managers’ transition into accountable, engaging, inclusive leaders.

I believe that we under-serve Aspiring Leaders … we offer one- or two-day knowledge-dump programs that assume every participant is starting from the same place. We know better. People don’t learn to grow or change using that model, thought it does ‘tick the box.’

We spend tens of thousands of dollars on coaching for top leaders because we know that putting them through a one- or two-day training program simply won’t make a difference.

Why do we think typical event-based trainings will do anything for Aspiring Leaders?

We can do better. The cohort-based Aspiring Leader Coaching Series integrates the best of online self-pace learning with weekly MasterClass and support sessions with me. Step-by-step I lead participants through the same core steps that I use with executives … adjusted to the unique needs of each Aspiring Leader. While each participant goes through the same experience, their learning and growth is unique to their needs. To date, over 300 Aspiring Leaders have changed their leadership trajectory through this program.

Representative recent client work:

Strategic Leader Hiring Support:

  • Several ongoing clients include me as a partner on their hiring team for upper management-CEO hires. These clients range from the fortune 500 to 50-person, closely held companies, to non-profits of all sizes. I have conducted over 1000 psychological leadership assessments to help clients find the right fit.
  • A few examples:
    • Privately held entrepreneurial security company
    • Global clothing brand and manufacturer
    • National Healthcare System
    • Regional Healthcare System
    • Privately held specialty manufacturer
    • Tier 1 Global Automotive Supplier
    • Local non-profits
    • Private equity investment group

Leadership Coaching:

  • 15 years of cross-industry, cross-cultural experience helping leaders make small or dramatic changes. Wide variety of experiences from “typical” in-role and high-potential growth-oriented coaching to acculturating ex-pats to North American leadership expectations to crisis coaching for leaders at high risk for derailment or termination. Example range of coachees:
    • President of a large healthcare system (physician leader)
    • North America Engineering Executive, Tier 1 supplier
    • North America IT Executive, Tier 1 supplier
    • Global Director of R & D, Tier 1 supplier
    • Ex-pat General Manager of multiple manufacturing plants
    • Three CEOs each with interrelated global BU responsibility, multi-industry global supplier

Leadership Team Coaching:

  • Cross-industry experience developing leadership teams at all levels; have a couple thousand hours of experience leading/coaching/facilitating leadership teams for development, strategic planning, and problem solving.
    • CEO and 7 direct reports to improve communication and trust; Tier 1 Fortune 500
    • County Sheriff and executive team to develop departmental leadership, culture, and service performance; County Sheriff
    • Four BU CEOs to develop strategic alignment, trust, and culture; Tier 2 global company
    • Director and team for regional non-profit to develop strategic alignment; Regional chapter of global non-profit
    • CEO and 9 direct reports to develop trust, communication, and alignment with company goals; global Tier 2 auto and non-auto manufacturer
    • Board of Directors, Director, Librarians, and other representatives to develop long term strategic plan; one of Michigan’s largest and premier community libraries.


Variety of projects that I work from time to time where there is an opportunity to make a difference by making fit happen more effectively in organizations.

  • Design and validate selection system for Tier 1 supplier, impacting plants across North America
  • Design a strategic, competency-based Talent Management system for a nation-wide healthcare system
  • Design and validate a competency-based hiring and on-boarding system for a national bank

Please contact me to learn more about how I can help you, your team, and your organization lead, grow, and change.