Contact and Current Projects

All of my client work extends from my research (and others’!) regarding leadership, organizational culture, fit, and change.

Current and representative recent client work:

Strategic Leader Hiring Support:

  • Several ongoing clients include me as a partner on their hiring team for upper management-CEO hires. These clients range from the fortune 500 to 50-person, closely held companies, to non-profits of all sizes. I have conducted over 1000 psychological leadership assessments to help clients find the right fit.
  • A few examples:
    • Privately held entrepreneurial security company
    • Global clothing brand and manufacturer
    • National Healthcare System
    • Regional Healthcare System
    • Privately held specialty manufacturer
    • Tier 1 Global Automotive Supplier
    • Local non-profits
    • Private equity investment group

Leadership Coaching:

  • 15 years of cross-industry, cross-cultural experience helping leaders make small or dramatic changes. Wide variety of experiences from “typical” in-role and high-potential growth-oriented coaching to acculturating ex-pats to North American leadership expectations to crisis coaching for leaders at high risk for derailment or termination. Example range of coachees:
    • President of a large healthcare system (physician leader)
    • North America Engineering Executive, Tier 1 supplier
    • North America IT Executive, Tier 1 supplier
    • Global Director of R & D, Tier 1 supplier
    • Ex-pat General Manager of multiple manufacturing plants
    • Three CEOs each with interrelated global BU responsibility, multi-industry global supplier

Leadership Team Coaching:

  • Cross-industry experience developing leadership teams at all levels; have a couple thousand hours of experience leading/coaching/facilitating leadership teams for development, strategic planning, and problem solving.
    • CEO and 7 direct reports to improve communication and trust; Tier 1 Fortune 500
    • County Sheriff and executive team to develop departmental leadership, culture, and service performance; County Sheriff
    • Four BU CEOs to develop strategic alignment, trust, and culture; Tier 2 global company
    • Director and team for regional non-profit to develop strategic alignment; Regional chapter of global non-profit
    • CEO and 9 direct reports to develop trust, communication, and alignment with company goals; global Tier 2 auto and non-auto manufacturer
    • Board of Directors, Director, Librarians, and other representatives to develop long term strategic plan; one of Michigan’s largest and premier community libraries.


Variety of projects that I work from time to time where there is an opportunity to make a difference by making fit happen more effectively in organizations.

  • Design and validate selection system for Tier 1 supplier, impacting plants across North America
  • Design a strategic, competency-based Talent Management system for a nation-wide healthcare system
  • Design and validate a competency-based hiring and on-boarding system for a national bank

Please contact me to learn more about how I can help you, your team, and your organization lead, grow, and change.