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Emerging Leader Transition 7: From Values of a ‘Worker’ To Values of a Leader/Manager

emerging leaderS who are effective in their roles adopt a set of values that include being accountable for themselves, mastering their tasks & skills, prioritizing their own work, finding satisfaction from a job well done, and identifying as an expert.

These values are critical to success at the individual contributor level, but inevitably get in the way of success in a Leading People role.

Listen and you’ll hear in your organization, “How many times have we promoted a top performer only to see them fail leading people?”

There are many reasons why this phenomenon occurs. One is simply the lack of understanding and acceptance that high performance as an individual contributor is not necessarily a good indicator of one’s potential to lead or manage well. They are, in fact, different jobs with very different requirements! Organizations need to find better ways to retain and develop careers for high performers who don’t fit (at this time) a leading people role.

Another reason is the emerging leader not really having a good understanding of themselves, their motivation to take on a new role, and what the role requires. The process begins with emerging leaders better understanding themselves and the role they may sign-on to.

A third, and the focus of the short video below, is due to the drastically different mindset, values, and skills required to succeed as a leader. it’s due to the emerging leader not understanding what it really means to lead and manage people.

It takes time, experience, and self-reflection to develop

the values of a leader and manager.

The Aspiring Leader Coaching Series: Launch Your Leadership Career® is a powerful program specifically designed to empower emerging leaders and first-time leaders with the mindset, attitudes, knowledge, and skills to successfully begin the journey to the values of a leader/manager. Coachees leave the 8-week experience with the self-knowledge and tools to begin the journey to build teams and cultures of accountability, engagement, and inclusion.

This 3-minute video shares insights and suggestions for emerging leaders to develop the mindsets and tools to begin developing the values of a leader/manager.

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