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Emerging Leader Transition 4: From Doing the Job To Filling Jobs

As an emerging leader, you probably don’t spend much time or energy thinking about jobs other than your own (except that promotion you might want!). First-time leaders typically struggle with the mindset that who and how you hire is the most powerful tool in your leadership & HR toolkit.

Why? Done well, strategic hiring and promoting builds and/or changes culture and team and organizational performance. Hiring people with similar mindsets, beliefs, values, and behaviors reinforces the culture you have. Strategically hiring/promoting a different profile of skills, values, attitudes, etc.–along with leadership behaviors aligned with the desired culture–changes culture and performance. Training simply can’t do that!

Leaders (and HR) often try to ‘make’ people fit through training and coaching after a poor hiring process. Why not do it right from the start by hiring or promoting the right person?

As a first-time leader, you must learn how to strategically and legally fill jobs.

Some of the challenges I see with leaders filling jobs:

-Mindset that hiring is just a task to complete.

-Mindset that “we’ll just train them later” after a poorly planned and executed hiring process.

-Not understanding the laws that guide hiring.

-Creating exposure for self and the business by asking illegal interview questions.

-Promoting and hiring diverse candidates.

-Not leveraging your HR experts to assist.

The video shares additional examples, along with suggestions for how emerging leaders can begin to develop the right mindset and skills to fill jobs, and how those who develop emerging leaders can support their success.

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