Emerging Leader Transition 1: From Doing the Work to Working the People and Team

AS AN EMERGING LEADER, so much of your intellectual, emotional, and physical energy has been dedicated to learning and mastering ‘the work’–completing tasks and delivering the product, service, etc. As you enter your first leadership role, your focus begins to move from completing tasks to building and maintaining relationships–or working the people and team.

This change is no small ask of most people–in fact it challenges even many seasoned executives!

Some of the challenges I see with emerging leaders working the people and team:

-Resisting the urge to ‘do the work.’

-Learning an entirely new kind of relationship: you as manager, other as employee

-Having difficult conversations/giving performance feedback/holding others accountable.

-If leading former peers, separating personal and professional relationships.

The video closes with suggestions for emerging leaders to develop, and suggestions for those of us who support emerging leaders’ development.

Short video for emerging leaders and those who support their development.

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